Parallax Snowfall HD Wallpaper

BOOST YOUR MOOD instantly with this winter landscape. Just look, and you’ll smile with Christmas spirit! GET THE RUSH of the snowy holiday season at any time. Download FREE!

TRANSFORM your phone into YOUR favorite winter holiday. EXPERIENCE the iOS 7 3D Parallax effect on your Android phone and tablet!

Check out Parallax Snowfall in Action!

View animated snowfall on the screen. Swipe the phone to play with the Parallax effect – the Christmas trees and mountain range are moving in different speed. Notice the background changes based on your real time of day. You can get these all for free. For special extras, get Christmas lights lit on trees and much more!

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Move Christmas Trees With Parallax

The new parallax effect gives the landscape an almost 3D appearance. When you move through the screens, you can see the white Christmas trees swaying from different angles and depths. You can now have it on your Android phone. Show off your friends and family with this cool app!

New Snowflakes

You can almost smell the fresh Christmas pine trees covered by new white snowfall. Feel the frosty nip of cold winter snowflakes. You can unlock special features to control the snowfall, and even turn on the BLIZZARD effect.

Upgrade Your Trees for Christmas Lights

Jazz up your phone more with Christmas Lights. Customize your own lights with 90+ color combinations! Go classic with gold and silver, or be festive with light green and red. We give you more color combinations than other apps!! What are your colors?

Get the Parallax Snowfall App on Google Play NOW

Wow, I really like it!! Thanks to the developers! 

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