Sunset Horizon Live Wallpaper

Set this visually-stunning Live Wallpaper on your phone. Step into a beautiful autumn sunset scene. Download FREE!

We capture a secluded getaway of peaceful sunset over the sea and let you admire it at your fingertips.

Check out Sunset Horizon in Action!

View birds flying in the background. Notice a small detail of boat silhouette bobbing up and down on the water. This app is definitely for someone who enjoys nature, calmness, and appreciate little things in life.

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A seaplane is taking off.

Animated Scenery

Imagining sitting on a pier, you see birds swooping, boats running, and seaplane landing! A big pale moon on the top slowly drifts across the sky, and the sun quietly bid you good night.

Minimal impact on battery!

Save Battery

Finally! You’ve found a live wallpaper with minimal impact on battery power. You won’t even notice! We test each app over 287 times to make sure that your phone stays alive. We’ve optimized our live wallpaper to use less battery by slowing down any animated scenes when you aren’t actively using your phone.

Which one of these pals get the cut?

Mysterious Land Animal!

Keep an eye on the dock. One mysterious animal periodically walks on it. Maybe it looks for food, or just being active?! Find out for yourself.

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Looks great The best! Lovely wallpaper, low resource usage and devs fixed a concern in just a few days after it was mentioned! Happy and contented with this wallpaper! 

Sky B.

Beautiful Anyone who has ever lived near the sea should love this app and scene.

Reed A.